Fake News: New Year’s Eve Vodka Butt Shots Riot

“No, a woman didn’t cause a New Year’s Eve riot due to an unfortunate discharge during a series of ‘vodka butt shots’.”

Kim LaCapria Published 5 January 2016

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A Facebook posting and an original tweet of false news went viral. The story and posting were of a twenty-eight-year-old woman by the name of Brittany Sullivan who was taking vodka shots in her butt, and was administering them to drunken men resulting in a riot after crucial explosive diarrhea. The original story was posted on December 27, 2015, on a website called Now8New, “Woman Gives ‘Vodka Butt Shots’ At Bar, Causing Riot After Diarrhea Explosion”. Later on January 4, 2016, But That’s None Of My Business added that this happened on New Year’s Eve which the first false news. The post shows the woman was lying behind a dumpster at the bar and her mug shot after she was arrested; what the audience can take from her mugshot at first is that she was beaten or a part of the riot. However, after taking a closer insight into this incident more of the truth reveals that this was false news.

Research Results:

When searched on Google, “The women on New Year’s Eve who did vodka shots in her butt”, ample articles came up. Not only were the results from the original source but it has been turned into a comical situation and used as a meme. All of the links had stated and proven that this was fake. However, Snopes stated that “They carried no disclaimer warning readers that its content consisted primarily or entirely of ‘satire’ stories”. The claim of the original source was a twenty-eight-year-old woman in St. Louis, Missouri which stated “It is not uncommon for women to crawl on the bar and offer body shots to men. However, it was the first time the shots had ever been delivered in this way”. Men who were at the bar told reporters that she had snuck vodka into a funnel with an extra straw and snuck out the back door. They also claimed she passed gas and the vodka came out of her butt and all the drunk men wanted to do it.

This story was investigated and results showed that the woman in this claim was unable to be identified. An article by abcnews.com listed the ways in which people get drunk by this method, typically using an enema. The mugshot of the woman appears to have been from an alleged DUI arrest in 2011 and had nothing to do with the “vodka butt shots” false claim. Further, into the investigation, the image of her nude behind what looked like the dumpster of the bar was from a KPTV article in 2014 regarding a stabbing in Oregon. As opposed to what was originally posted, the storylines have immense differences and every false claim created an easily believable shocking story.


The original claim of “A riot broke out after a woman accidentally defecated while administering ‘vodka butt shots’ on New Year’s Eve.” was extremely misinforming. First, there was not a riot mentioned in this story. According to these false claims, what experts have shown is they are all fake, each and every single one. Further investigation revealed that “Google search restricted to earlier in December 2015 returned few results relating to any such alcohol consumption practice”. With inadequate picture postings and proof that they are from two entirely different stories beyond proves these claims as fake.

Social media has ample benefits and is a good source for people to stay informed about the world, though it is unfortunately being taken advantage of by society. What humans see should not be the final understanding of any situation, in fact, everyone should be more open-minded and fact-check their information before spreading potential fake news.



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